PANORAMED partners successfully held a meeting as a side event of the 'MED for You' capitalisation day.

Organised by the Region SUD Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Leader of the project's Mainstreaming Work Package), with the support of PANORAMED thematic Working Groups on Maritime Surveillance and Coastal and Maritime Tourism, the conference "From Interreg Projects to policy making: good practices from 'mainstreaming' experiences in Europe" took place in Athens. The different sessions were attended by 50 stakeholders from different MED communities including modular, horizontal and strategic MED projects.

The event aimed to share goods practices on mainstreaming across the Interreg MED countries and territories. During the event, the speakers and participants discussed some concrete case studies from France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Slovenia explaining how public institutions and stakeholders integrate results from Interreg projects in their own policies and strategies.

The afternoon session was devoted to the discussion and interaction with PANORAMED experts from thematic Working Groups on key policy recommendations for future policies in the field of coastal tourism and maritime surveillance and the potential modalities for their further mainstreaming in the MED area.