MED OSMoSIS and SHAREMED have arrived!

PANORAMED Strategic Projects on Maritime Surveillance -MED OSMoSIS and SHAREMED- have finally been approved! Want to find out more? Keep reading!

The name of the first project is MED OSMoSIS and will address Mediterranean governance for Strategic Maritime Surveillance and Safety issues.

The main objective of MED OSMoSIS is the development of a number of modules/applications regarding Maritime Surveillance activities and the facilitation of information exchanges that will support the further development of a regional/local smart plug-in capability supporting interoperable, transnational sectoral systems, ensuring their regional, deployable and mobile interface, in order to enhance in-situ Situational Awareness, wherever needed in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic approaches. It will explore the application of the current guidelines and capabilities of the ongoing evolution of the CISE data exchange model. It will carry pilot activities and capitalization actions to test, disseminate and distribute tools and protocols among partners either as being potential users but also as intermediaries to reach no participant entities.

The second Strategic Project is SHAREMED, designed for sharing and enhancing capabilities to address environmental threats in Mediterranean Sea.

SHAREMED wants to address the increasing presence of coexisting environmental threats that propagate across political boundaries through transactional coordinated actions based on evidence. SHAREMED will engage stakeholders and authorities to jointly define state-of-the-art and regional strategies. It will also collate and harmonize existing info, data and knowledge and contribute to joint production of a database of coherent data. Other relevant actions will be to define common procedures, to integrate existing observing infrastructures in a common transnational system of systems, to enhance forecast capabilities and to define roadmaps, guidelines and action plans. The expected outcome is the increase in the capability of authorities and scientific community to observe, assess and address environmental threats. Furthermore, it is also planned to increase the coherence and efficacy of assessments and the facilitation in the access and use of existing information and project joint products.