SMART MED and BESTMED approved!

PANORAMED Strategic Projects on Coastal and Maritime Tourism have finally been approved! Want to learn more? Read on!

The name of the first project is BEST MED and fits within the strategic topic of ‘Beyond European Sustainable Tourism MED Path’.

BEST MED aims to enhance MED governance to overcome two main challenges: seasonality and the lack of effective cooperation among tourism actors. With 11 partners, 11 associated partners and 10 regions involved, the project will support evidence-based planning, monitoring and evaluation of interventions in MED and it will promote the inclusion of the citizen active participation in the process of policy design. To overcome the challenge of seasonality in the MED area, the project will focus on the connection between coastal regions and inland regions, creating for instance a path-route method.

After a testing phase, a joint model will be transferred and capitalized and the toolkit and DATA indicators will be updated. Positive and negative impacts of tourism, the quality of life of tourists and residents and the quality of tourist´s experience will all be analyzed as proposed in the Faro Convention AP 2019. A MoU and Granada Charter on Sustainable Tourism will be signed for transferability and sustainability of output

The second Strategic Project is SMART MED, designed for empowering the Mediterranean for SMART Tourism.

In particular, SMART MED will address key MED region challenges in the development of smart, inclusive and sustainable tourism, primarily due to high seasonality and lack of cooperation among key sector stakeholders. The lack of a long-term vision for the destination future and disconnection between tourism and wider territorial development decreases the attractiveness of touristic regions for innovative business in tourism. This has led to a heavily seasonal labour market which puts great pressure on natural resources, local infrastructure and public services. This requires a joint action and a single approach to the challenges posed by current tourism development in the region.

SMART MED will therefore contribute to the development of an attractive, smart and inclusive MED destination, maintaining its leading position through coordinated policies and capable public and private sector stakeholders. In order to do this, cooperation will be more structured and enhanced, empowering multi-level stakeholders to develop and deliver integrated tourism policies and innovative solutions for smart MED destinations. This will be done through a new business model, supported by a permanent collaborative stakeholder’s platform for cross-sectorial cooperation.