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The PANORAMED Strategic Project on Sustainable Tourism BESTMED will hold its first meetings in Malta, on 30-31 January 2020, hosted by the partner Malta Marittima.

BESTMED (Beyond European Sustainable Tourism MED Path), funded by the Interreg MED Programme, was conceived to enhance Mediterranean Governance on sustainable tourism. The main challenges ahead are to avoid seasonality and the lack of effective cooperation in the Mediterranean area, among the main tourism actors, including the policies' design, where citizens can participate more.

BESTMED will follow strategies based on previous experiences and its corresponding outputs by testing and updating the available data and indicators. This will contribute to the design of a new green model (MED S&C Path), focusing on the integration of tourism planning into wider development strategies.

In addition, key players both at local and specifically at transnational level will be mobilized to create synergies across Interreg MED eligible countries, promoting the awareness about the Mediterranean area as well.

Ten regions and eleven partners are involved in the BEST MED project. They all aim to promote a joint approach on “green” planning, by the outputs improvement of other projects. Through their support, commitment and their evidence-based planning, partners will contribute to the monitoring and evaluation of output results gathered by other projects under the Interreg MED Programme.