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The Interreg MED Programme will organise a Coordination Mechanism meeting on 20 February at the premises of the Spanish Ministry of Finance in Madrid

The technical meeting will be divided into three different sessions. The common morning one is organised with a threefold aim:

  1. Set-up coordination mechanisms between the MED ‘Thematic Pole’, namely the Horizontal Projects, and the ‘Governance Pole’, namely PANORAMED and its Strategic Projects;
  2. Present the concept of the MED Conference to be held in Paris early November 2020; and,
  3. Address the 2020 roadmap and a 'to do list' for partners.

As for the afternoon, two parallel sessions will be set up: 

  • The PANORAMED Mainstreaming working group is aimed at presenting the results and feedback of the mainstreaming experimentation, as well as the methodological and working documents, and at having a first discussion on the activities to be implemented for the mainstreaming process of Horizontal and Strategic Projects (identification of outputs and targets). In the end, participants will work in an interactive, practical example.
  • The MED Communication working group will share strategies, coordinate participations into EU events and campaigns, address the topics to define in the Interreg MED COMM Training to be held in June 2020, and conduct a reminder on Interreg MED tools’ optimal use.