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The upcoming PANORAMED Working Session and Gathering with Strategic Projects will take place in Madrid, at the premises of the Spanish Ministry of Finance, on 19 February.

The event organised by the Lead Partner of PANORAMED will kick-off with a briefing on the state of play of the PANORAMED Dialogues, which will take place in Athens (Greece) in late April. Afterwards, the morning session will be devoted to the presentation and sharing of the policy related work developed in its three main areas: Coastal and Maritime Tourism, Maritime Surveillance and Innovation. 

Furthermore, a special session in the afternoon will be dedicated to the relations between PANORAMED and the on-going Strategic Projects:

  • BEST MED (Beyond European Sustainable Tourism MED Path), which aims to enhance MED governance to overcome two main challenges: seasonality and the lack of effective cooperation among tourism actors;
  • SMARTMED (Empower Mediterranean for SMART Tourism), which addresses key MED region challenges in the development of smart, inclusive and sustainable tourism;
  • MED OSMoSIS (Mediterranean governance for Strategic Maritime Surveillance and Safety Issues), which focuses on the development of modules/applications regarding Maritime Surveillance activities and the facilitation of information exchanges;
  • SHAREMED (Sharing and enhancing capabilities to address environmental threats in the Mediterranean Sea), which addresses the increasing presence of coexisting environmental threats that propagate across political boundaries through transactional coordinated actions based on evidence.

As a wrap up for the event, coordination schemes between PANORAMED and Strategic Projects will be presented and debated.