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This PANORAMED Strategic Project on Tourism will celebrate its first meeting in Zagreb on 27-28 January 2020.

SMARTMED will address key MED region challenges in the development of smart, inclusive and sustainable tourism, primarily due to high seasonality and lack of cooperation among key sector stakeholders. The lack of a long-term vision for the destination future and disconnection between tourism and wider territorial development decreases the attractiveness of touristic regions for innovative business in tourism. This has led to a heavily seasonal labour market which puts great pressure on natural resources, local infrastructure and public services. This requires a joint action and a single approach to the challenges posed by current tourism development in the region.

SMARTMED will therefore contribute to the development of an attractive, smart and inclusive MED destination, maintaining its leading position through coordinated policies and capable public and private sector stakeholders. In order to do this, cooperation will be more structured and enhanced, empowering multi-level stakeholders to develop and deliver integrated tourism policies and innovative solutions for smart MED destinations. This will be done through a new business model, supported by a permanent collaborative stakeholder’s platform for cross-sectorial cooperation.