On 12 March, an online seminar devoted to the Second Call for Strategic projects on Innovation was organised by the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg MED Programme. It was a key occasion to explain in detail the different phases and deadlines of the call to the numerous organisations interested in applying.

The seminar provided comprehensive information on PANORAMED and the technical specifications for the innovation projects. In this sense, it covered four main areas: (i) partnership composition and size; (ii) budget and eligibility of expenditure; (iii) the stages of the call, from submission to contracting; and, (iv) project implementation.

Upcoming are the following phases:

  1. Submission: Application submitted by 10 June 2020 at noon (CEST). The proposal consists of an application form and several compulsory annexes.
  2. Administrative and Eligibility Check: Proposals will be assessed according to the eligibility and quality grids included in the Terms of Reference.
  3. Selection by the Interreg MED Monitoring Committee: The selection will be complete by the first week of July. Projects may be approved with recommendations and/or conditions to be fulfilled.
  4. Contracting and start-up: the project implementation will span from 1 September 2020 until 30 June 2022, during a total of 22 months.

Several on-line sessions will be conducted during April and May to support Lead Partners in drafting the application form. Among these, a specific one on budget and eligibility expenditure will be organised.