In early June, the Key Policy Paper on Innovation was adopted unanimously by the 12 countries that are part of PANORAMED. In this way, another important milestone has been reached within the framework of Axis 4 - Governance in the form of relevant recommendations for a challenge-oriented Mediterranean innovation policy. The paper aims to influence the current debate about the next MED Cooperation Programme.


The MED is an especially heterogeneous cooperation area with a great diversity of geographical, socio-economic and political contexts. After many years of devoting time and efforts to improving governance of policies in the MED area, this continues to be a topic of concern for all actors.

This paper puts forward recommendations to improve governance of innovation policies in the Mediterranean, which is necessary to align the efforts of the multiple actors and advance towards a more prosperous, peaceful, inclusive and sustainable region. The paper also makes recommendations to unlock the potential of the blue bioeconomy to become a driver for the prosperity of the MED area.


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