On December 18, the Emilia-Romagna Region celebrated its event entitled “Big Data, from volume to value: Regional empowerment and value chain networks in a Mediterranean perspective”

The event aimed to introduce the Big Data hub that has been set up by the Emilia-Romagna Region for the development of the entire Mediterranean and Adriatic-Ionian areas. This hub involves a great variety of actors and operates as a support to knowledge, skills and infrastructures for a new stable employment and enhancement of the territories of Southern and Mediterranean Europe.

Various actors presented the Emilia-Romagna infrastructures and tools in more detail, explaining the interrelation between multisectoral and multilevel entities, counting with public facilities and infrastructures, private incentivized companies, universities and high competence training centres, dissemination events and exhibitions, and European and international networks such as the Vanguard Initiative.

The representative of the BlueMed initiative described the concrete link between big data and the Mediterranean economy, underlining details such as the need to handle data gathered by monitoring sectors as maritime transport traffic, biodiversity, tourism and renewable energy, among others. Gathering and analysing data is key to deal with global issues such as sustainable economic development or climate change and should be performed globally through a shared vision.

The representative of the Directorate General for Communication networks, content and technology of the European Commission explained the European strategy on BIG DATA together with the perspectives for the 2021-2027 programming period which opens several opportunities for key territorial stakeholders, the academia, and the private sector.

Complementarily, various PanoraMED partners shared their expertise as regards the need to handle big data in the Mediterranean such as Catalonia that is concretely working with territorial actors to foster social innovation and research.

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