Blue Growth Community’s Mid-Term Conference

“Blue Economy – The blue way of life”

The Interreg Med Blue Growth Community organised its mid-term conference “Blue Economy – The blue way of life”, last 22 and 23 November in Barcelona (Spain).

During this conference, the Community discussed about the various dimensions of sustainability of the blue economy, while putting into perspective the technical results of various projects dealing with blue energy, maritime surveillance, yachting and other marine and maritime activities.

In this sense, PANORAMED newly appointed leader of innovation, the Region of Catalonia, actively participated in the session entitled “Transnational Cooperation in the Mediterranean: a key issue for integrated actions towards Blue Growth” and devoted to the way transnational cooperation could be used as a tool for diminishing costs on emerging markets and achieving a more efficient implementation of blue economy sectors. Among other issues, the session also explored dialogue and consultation dynamics with national and regional stakeholders, and how private and public cooperation interact in order to create an economic and legislative playing field level providing adequate incentives and rules to the Blue Economy.

The extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of innovation of the Catalan delegate was a valuable contribution to the debate. She provided specific hints on the state-of-the-art of PANORAMED and explained the next action of this global project. The presentation was therefore useful for all actors to grasp the concept to a fuller extent.