Effective communications play a decisive role in bringing coherence to the PANORAMED project as a whole

In late July 2018, the Spanish Ministry of Finances and Public Administration, Lead Partner of PANORAMED, entered into a contract which stipulates the assumption by Ecorys of a number of key activities described in Work Package 3 – Communication.

Ecorys is one of the oldest companies in Europe providing research, consultancy and management services. It is specialised in economic, social and spatial development and aims to deliver a real benefit to society through the work it does. 

The resulting Communications Team in charge of PANORAMED activities is composed of highly qualified consulting professionals from both London and Madrid offices. Since the start of its work in late August 2018, the Team is providing proper assistance to partners in any communication-related matter and ensuring an interrupted flow of information exchange.

During this period of time, the Team has become well-acquainted with the existing digital communication channels, which include the PANORAMED website where press releases are posted to inform about relevant achievements and to promote future high-level events and work sessions.

In the social media front, the PANORAMED Twitter account is currently the main reference to reach out to a greater audience in a fast and direct manner. The Communications Team in enlarging the list of relevant accounts to follow as well as the number of followers since it stepped up the frequency of its posts in early September. Over the last 90-day-period, the PANORAMED Twitter account hast earned a total of 23.3K impressions, i.e. the number of times users have seen the tweets. The engagement rate has risen a 1.6% and the number of followers has also increased by 48.4%.

On balance, the upward movement of all indicators describes a good state of play and a promising potential for reaching out to a growing online audience!