On 11 September, PANORAMED partners held an extraordinary Steering Group meeting in Marseille (France).

Hosted by PACA Region and with the participation of the Interreg MED Management Authority and the Joint Secretariat, partners adopted a work plan proposal for the next year, as well as Gaps and Growth Opportunities Reports on Maritime Surveillance and Coastal and Maritime Tourism.

In addition, partners agreed on a final version of a roadmap to develop synergies among PANORAMED, strategies, initiatives and programmes in the Mediterranean.

Furthermore, three task forces were established to work on the elaboration of documents and the organisation of events regarding policy recommendations on coastal and maritime tourism, maritime surveillance, innovation, the MED positioning paper and the PANORAMED dialogues.

Finally, preparations for the upcoming meeting with Associated Partners (23-24 September in Heraklion, Greece) and the MED for You capitalization event (24 October in Athens, Greece) were advanced. Partners also discussed possible modalities for the future call for Strategic Projects on Innovation, foreseen in early 2020.