Fourth meeting of Coastal and Maritime Tourism experts of PANORAMED

The fourth meeting of the Thematic Working Group on Coastal and Maritime Tourism (WP5) took place in Paris on 25 and 26 September

The overall aim of the 4th TWG5 meeting was to incite the production of “mature” elements to be incorporated into the ToR for strategic projects on grounds of previously developed results within TWG5.

In order to engage the TWG5 experts in a structured discussion resulting with an informed sectoral overview that could potentially feed the ToR for strategic projects, a focus group was organized. Experts, under the guidance of an expert moderator, were involved in a very fruitful discussion sharing national experiences but also their professional expertise striving to jointly elaborate a broader vision of issues on coastal and maritime tourism along with potential solutions to these issues. 

Furthermore, the experts were presented with recent upgraded findings and corresponding working documents emerged from the desk analysis of the selected projects in the field of coastal and maritime tourism. 

Summarized, the core idea of the meeting was to “give voice” to thematic experts engaging them in a discussion streamlined towards defining the elements of a potential strategic project in the field of coastal and maritime tourism.