General Assembly of the Conference Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) Intermediterrean Commission

Meetings of the Intermediterranean Commission Working Groups & internal Task forces on July 6th-7th

The seminar gathered the highest representatives of the CPMR and the Intermediterranean Commission (IMC), together with the hosting region and set the objectives of the meeting, which was intended to provide Mediterranean views towards the debates on the future of the EU, cohesion and the multilevel cooperation at basin level.
The Mediterranean regions were the main participants in the event, which was open to the partners of PANORAMED and to invited stakeholders from universities, local governments and the civil society.

The IMC members conveyed the needs and vision from the ground regarding themes and aspects such as: territorial cooperation, governance, capitalization, liaising and mainstreaming, blue growth, island dimension, environment, climate & energy etc. The members of the IMC and the invited stakeholders, like PANORAMED partners, were the protagonist of the session “Emerging strategies/initiatives and main cooperation programs in the Mediterranean: synergies, territorial needs and perspectives for a better governance”.