Panoramed participated at the Intermediterranean Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CRPM), which was held on February 14th and 15th in Cartagena (Murcia Region, Spain).

The CPMR is a 50 member regions across 10 countries organization which looks for defending the interests of the Mediterranean Regions in key EU policies, Incorporating the territorial concept and the role of the regional authorities in the Euro-Mediterranean concept and undertaking strategic pilot projects on key themes with a forceful territorial impact

At the CRPM Political Bureau, Carmen Hernandez Head of European Territorial Cooperation Unit, Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of Spain and Antonio Del Pino Panoramed Lead Partner, exposed the situation of the cooperation in the Mediterranean. Moreover, they explained the key role Panoramed will play in the future in order to improve the governance in the Mediterrranean, with specific attention to the post 2020 scenario.

Panoramed thanked CRPM the possibility to intervene in this important meeting and to strengthen the links and the contributions between this institution and the Panoramed project.

CPMR is one of the Associates which are involved in Panoramed. Others are UNEP MAP, Union for the Mediterranean and EUSAIR, among others. Their aim is to contribute to improve the governance in the Mediterranean by helping to enjoy synergies with a strategic long-term vision in the Mediterranean.