The Gaps and Growth Opportunities Report (GGOR) on Coastal and Maritime Tourism was officially adopted in the PANORAMED Extraordinary Steering Group meeting held in Marseille (France) on 11 September 2019.

Steered by PANORAMED thematic Leader and Co-leader (Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and Tuscany Region, respectively), the experts involved in the Transnational Working Group on Coastal and Maritime Tourism have supported the elaboration of an important deliverable: the Gaps and Growth Opportunities Report (GGOR).

Mediterranean as a SMART destination: this is the main objective to achieve, as stressed in the GGOR, a key document that gathers the point of view and the experience of relevant actors and stakeholders in the area.

The GGOR is an extensive and multifaceted document based on the analysis of the results of MED projects and those produced in the framework of other programmes/initiatives implemented in the Mediterranean region through a research-based methodology. This analysis represented the base to identify and develop gaps and growth opportunities for the MED area in the field of coastal and maritime tourism. The document was additionally enriched with contributions from PANORAMED Liaising partners, Interreg MED horizontal projects as well as PANORAMED Associated partners.

The GGOR displays a variety of results and recommendations for future policies with a view to offering a tool for policymakers, helping them shape and implement improved solutions to mitigate or solve the existing issues in coastal and maritime tourism in the overall MED area.

The GGOR was successfully presented to PANORAMED Associated partners in the framework of the meeting held in Heraklion (Greece) on 23-24 September 2019, with a view to stimulating the discussion and collecting additional valuable inputs.

Moreover, in close cooperation with PANORAMED Mainstreaming partners, a joint event is planned for 25 October in Athens on the occasion of the MED for You event. This side event will focus on mainstreaming practices across the Interreg MED countries and territories. It will highlight case studies from France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Slovenia explaining how public institutions and stakeholders integrate results from Interreg projects on maritime surveillance and coastal tourism in their own policies and strategies. The event will be a great opportunity to further discuss and disseminate the GGOR results and to explore the potential modalities for further mainstreaming in the Mediterranean area.