Main Objectives of the Governance Platform PANORAMED presented during the kick-off in Seville

The Governance platform Project PANORAMED, celebrated its official kick-off yesterday September 27th in Seville (Spain).

The governance platform Project PANORAMED, celebrated its official kick off yesterday September 27th  in Seville (Spain). With the participation of all Member States, the   participating regions,  the Horizontal project’s representatives, the Interreg MED Managing Authority and some of the Associate partners such as DG Regio, DG Mare, Interact or CPRM, PANORAMED presented its main objectives and challenges.

With a special focus on  Maritime and coastal tourism as a lever for sustainable blue growth and Maritime Surveillance as a shared challenge for maritime safety, transport and environment, the debate was open for discussion with the participants.

The Evidence-based policy making to mainstream projects to public policies, the synergies between the Mediterranean initiatives an operational programmes and the Post 2020 perspectives closed this event with remarks presented from the DG MARE and DG Regio representatives.

For more precise informations, check and download the presentations of the event:

Agenda of the Event

Objectives and Challenges of the PANORAMED PLATFORM

Maritime and Coastal Tourism, a Lever for Sustainable Blue Growth

From Projects to Public Policies: Evidence Based Policy-Making

Cross-cutting Tasks Liaising in the Mediterranean. Linking Strategies and Governance Process