New Initiatives in Southern Europe and Mediterranean basin

PANORAMED associated partner, INTERACT, organises a meeting in Palermo to discuss about projects and strategies in the Med area

Several PANORAMED partners gathered in the hands-on meeting “New Initiatives in Southern Europe and Mediterranean basin. Programmes overview” organised by INTERACT last 6 and 7 September in Palermo (Italy). This event brought together a wide range of experts and relevant stakeholders, including transnational and cross-border cooperation programmes operating in the same geographical area and dealing with similar topics. 

All the participants were afforded the opportunity to share information and explore their complementarities, synergies and possible contributions within the structures and coordinating platforms that are being developed in the Mediterranean, namely the West Med Initiative and PANORAMED. The main presentation about this last project was held by the delegate of the Greek Region of Crete, leader of the liaising cross-cutting task, who clearly illustrated its potential and ambitions with the aim of fostering the awareness and engagement of the audience. 

For its part, the representative of the Italian Agency for Territorial Cohesion, Project Partner of PANORAMED, was actively involved in the meeting by delivering a comprehensive presentation with several key messages, such as the “importance of sharing governance tools to ensure consistency in policies for the Mediterranean”.

At the end of these two days, the programmes understood better the ongoing process in the area concerned as well as the European Union perspectives for the next financial period 2021-2027. In the same way, they also improved their knowledge about the state of play, their common priorities and the expectations for calls in the upcoming future.