Substantial modification of the project with the incorporation of two new partners, Region of Catalonia and Jožef Stefan Institute

During September, two institutions external to the initial PANORAMED partnership jointly applied through a formal candidacy procedure to be in charge of the new Working Package 10 – Innovation, specifically the Directorate General for Economic Promotion, Competition and Regulation of the Region of Catalonia, with a leading role, and the Jožef Stefan Institute from Slovenia as co-leader.

The theme innovation was not included in the initial work plan of PANORAMED as the decision in June 2016, when approving the key elements and the architecture of the project, was to study that aspect carefully at a later stage.

PANORAMED Steering Group formally approved by written procedure the submitted joint candidacy which was also validated by the Interreg MED Monitoring Committee (MC) with no objection. The partnership then proceeded to the necessary modifications to the Application Form presented for adoption in the framework of the MC meeting on 19th and 20th December in Bologna (Italy). 

The recently appointed partners will focus their efforts on two main subthemes, Blue biotechnologies and social entrepreneurship, to further advance the implementation of the new WP10. In order to do so, they will identify a number of key experts in innovation and will carry out several activities to ensure participation at different levels in each country. This is also a key opportunity to involve other research and innovation initiatives, such as BlueMED, Vanguard, Ris3 of Seville, and optimize the job already done in the field.