PANORAMED partners active in CO-EVOLVE and MedCoast4BG joint event

Partners provided a comprehensive presentation on PANORAMED project and its liaising objectives in the Mediterranean

The representatives of the Greek Region of Crete and the Italian Agency for Territorial Cohesion joined the event organized by CO-EVOLVE and MedCoast4BG from 29 to 31 October in Barcelona (Spain). It was an excellent opportunity to explore and build new synergies with both projects at all levels.

The premises of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Secretariat hosted three interesting sessions:

  • An internal Steering Committee meeting of the CO-EVOLVE project reserved to its partners.
  • A training session open to both projects’ partners as well as to observers and beneficiaries.
  • A prospective work session addressing the co-funding perspectives of the MedCoast4BG project, future activities and pilot actions.

The last two meetings in particular involved participants from Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Tunisia, Lebanon and Morocco who discussed funding opportunities and new pilot actions in their respective countries. All the meetings were opened also to some representatives of the partnership and key pilot areas of another Interreg MED project that presents a high potential for synergies: MITOMED+, which seeks to enhance the sustainability and responsibility in Maritime and Coastal tourism at Mediterranean level, through the improvement of public sustainable development policies, joint planning tools and models.

About the projects

  1. CO-EVOLVE is an ongoing three-year Interreg MED project focusing on the sustainable development of maritime and coastal tourism that was launched in November 2016 and brings together 12 partners, including public regional and local administrations, universities, research institutes, a foundation and one organisation gathering Mediterranean Regions.
  2. MedCoast4BG is a Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) labelled project (since December 2017) that intends to extend CO-EVOLVE’s conceptual and methodological model to the Southern & Eastern Mediterranean countries it involves, considering common (at Mediterranean level) but also diverse (at local level) natural, physical and geographic characteristics. The project involves the whole partnership of CO-EVOLVE and several other key players from the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC).

Both projects, the second acting as an “umbrella” project for CO-EVOLVE and other connected actions (e.g. under evaluation in the framework of ENI CBC Med programme’s 1st call for projects), aim to analyse and promote the co-evolution of human activities and natural systems in touristic coastal areas, facing effects due to climate change and allowing sustainable development of touristic activities, in coexistence and synergy with other uses of the coastal and marine space and resources. In doing so, they encourage the emergence of policies and initiatives to promote the development of sustainable and responsible coastal and maritime tourism by applying the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) that take into account all the main challenges related to the sustainability of tourism (e.g. seasonality of demand, transport, sustainable use of resources, community prosperity and quality of life, preservation of natural and cultural heritage).