A meeting with potential Italian partners of the upcoming innovation Strategic Projects was held by videoconference in Rome (Italy) last 10 March 2020.

The meeting was managed by Marche Region and the Italian Agency for Territorial Cohesion. The purpose was to prepare for the meeting in Marseilles on strategic innovation projects on the Blue Bio-economy supply chain. Special attention was paid to capacity building, supply-chain strengthening and governance. 

The Italian partners that attended the meeting delivered individual presentations dedicated to the following topics:

In the meeting, the upcoming objectives of the Strategic Projects were summarised as:

  1. Further improve the capacity of cooperation to add value to ongoing investments;
  2. Influence the dynamics of territorial development and improvement of the governance tools;
  3. Support/create synergies with international initiatives or commitments in the framework of international conventions and agreements;
  4. Facilitate and prepare the scale up towards concrete, wider and long-term initiatives, beyond the SPs themselves, and in a post-2020 perspective.

In the next phase, lead partners will be selected among the potential candidates in the short-list. The selected partners must be physically based in one the EU Participating States of the Interreg MED Programme.

The partnerships will consist of a maximum of 10 partners, with a minimum of 7 MED countries represented, including at least 5 from a EU country and at least 1 partner from an IPA country.

After the meeting in Marseilles on 12 March, participants will agree to define an action plan for the capitalisation paths to support the selected projects that involve Italian partners.