Several Project Partners of PANORAMED gathered in Heraklion (Greece) to discuss the upcoming actions and events to be organised as part of the platform work.

Last April 8, a technical meeting on Roadmap and Liaising activities of PANORAMED took place in Heraklion. All the attendees had the opportunity to exchange relevant information and share their views on numerous key aspects, making the internal dialogue more open and efficient.

The debate was particularly fruitful and Project Partners agreed on the following actions to be carried out in the next three months:

  • Decide the concrete date and venue for the next meeting with Associated Partners, prepare the documents to be shared on that occasion and inform on the progress made in the calls for Strategic Projects.
  • Redefine the approach on Liaising and Capitalization by reviewing the existing documents that are employed to communicate and give feedback on the participation of Project Partners in events. 
  • Review and evaluate the course of work of the Thematic Working Groups on Maritime Surveillance and Coastal Tourism. Particular attention should be also provided to Innovation since its work has just started. 
  • Organise four high profile political/technical events that need to be implemented by the Region of Crete, Lead Partner of the Liaising task.