Third meeting of the Terms of Reference team

The third meeting of the Terms of Reference (ToR) team was held in Paris last 27 September, coordinated by the Italian Agency for Territorial Cohesion, a partner of PANORAMED

The meeting was an opportunity for an extremely fruitful exchange between the team members and the Country coordinators on the most qualifying features of the terms of reference related to the next call for strategic projects to be funded in the framework of the Axis 4 of INTERREG MED Programme.

The goal of the Steering group of PANORAMED is to submit the terms of reference to the JS by mid-November.

In principle, the partners of PANORAMED agreed on the following items:

1. Definition of strategic project: The strategic projects could be defined as “multilevel” projects implemented by partners that can exercise an influence on the definition or even by directly defining policies, through a set of inter-sectoral actions, strictly coherent and linked to each other, which converge towards a common objective of territorial development and justify a unitary implementation approach; the collective ownership of the strategic projects will enable them to translate into effective political leverage and showcase good examples of regional cooperation.

2. Approach to be adopted for the definition of the partnership: Once defined, with the technical support of the experts of the two TWGs, the elements concerning “Sub-themes”, “Possible actions and task” and “Beneficiaries and target groups”, it could be possible to identify the main criteria to choose the best partners that could submit the project proposal and implement the strategic projects.

3. Involvement of the Associated partners: on the basis of the elements emerged in the context of the debate with the TWGs and taking into account the concept note already prepared, it is necessary to organise a meeting with the Associated partners that should be held in the coming months.