The two-day event "Reassessing Governance in the Mediterranean" was organized by the Region of Crete, WP7 – Liaising leader, on the 23rd and 24th September in Heraklion (Crete).

The event was attended by political representatives of the local government and the corresponding municipalities, national stakeholders representing the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Shipping and Insural Policy, the local port authority, research institutes and universities as well as local business chambers. Last but not least, the event was attended by the Associated Partners of PANORAMED.

During the event, PANORAMED was presented by the Lead Partner and the Region of Crete while the Thematic Working Packages Leaders had the opportunity to present and explain the main findings of the respective Gaps and Growth Opportunities Reports. Following the open session, a meeting with the Associated Partners took place in order to present and discuss the final version of the Roadmap for Liaising as well as to define the joint agenda for future work. 

The second day was devoted to the discussion and interaction with local experts from universities and research centers and the identification of potential joint events with the Associated Partners.