Towards Sustainable Maritime and Coastal Tourism Communities

Active participation of the Greek Region of Crete in an international workshop organised in the frame of Interreg Med MITOMED+ Project

The event was co-organised by the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) and the Network of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism (NECSTouR) and was held at the European Parliament premises in Brussels last 8 November.

It was attended by more than 150 destination managers, professionals and regional policy makers, representatives from the academic and private sectors, as well as those from the main European Institutions and the World Tourism Organisation. The delegate of the Region of Crete was among the participants and held a comprehensive presentation on PANORAMED project, highlighting its overall goals, structure and liaising tasks carried out so far. It was an opportunity to share existing good practices, expertise and inspiration to achieve sustainable Coastal and Maritime Tourism in the Mediterranean and beyond. 

The first part of the workshop aimed to present the main outcomes of the MITOMED+ project and engage local and regional public entities potentially interested in replicating the its methodology, while the second part was organised in the frame of the European Parliament SEARICA Intergroup. It intended to launch a reflection on tourism sustainable management and discuss the state of the art of the EU agenda. Besides, at the end of the conference, the draft Guidelines on an Integrated Management Model for Coastal and Maritime Tourism in the Mediterranean was shared.