The Terms of Reference for Innovation have recently been published, putting out the Second Call for strategic project proposals: Enhancing Mediterranean Governance.

A meeting with potential Italian partners of the upcoming innovation Strategic Projects was held by videoconference in Rome (Italy) last 10 March 2020.

Last 5 March, the Country Coordinator for Italy organised an interesting session with national stakeholders to discuss governance of coastal and maritime tourism

The Interreg MED Governance structure came together in the premises of the Spanish Minsitry of Finance in an effort to coordinate strategies and activities

First time ever all Interreg MED Governance gets together in the same room to deal with issues of common concern!

PANORAMED organised an event on tourism in Italy

Partners reviewed progress achieved in the second half of 2019

PANORAMED partners successfully held a meeting as a side event of the 'MED for You' capitalisation day.

The event took place on 17-18 October in Barcelona (Spain)

PANORAMED Strategic Projects on Coastal and Maritime Tourism have finally been approved! Want to learn more? Read on!