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Event organised by PANORAMED Italian country coordinator

 “The Mediterranean as a SMART destination” is one of the main objectives to achieve for PANORAMED, as stressed in the Gaps and Growth Opportunity Report (GGOR), a key document that gathers the point of view and the experience of relevant actors and stakeholders in the area.


The GGOR is an extensive and multifaceted document based on the analysis of the results of MED projects and those produced in the framework of other programmes/initiatives implemented in the Mediterranean region through a research-based methodology. This analysis represented the base to identify and develop gaps and growth opportunities for the MED area in the field of coastal and maritime tourism. The document was additionally enriched with contributions from the PANORAMED Thematic Working Group of International Experts on Tourism (TWG5), PANORAMED Liaising partners, Interreg MED horizontal projects as well as PANORAMED Associated partners.


The GGOR displays a variety of results and recommendations for future policies with a view to offering a tool for policymakers, helping them shape and implement improved solutions to mitigate or solve the existing issues in coastal and maritime tourism in the overall MED area. In this sense, the GGOR will also be the starting document to trace relevant key policy paper (policy relevant recommendations) that PANORAMED is going to elaborate in early 2020.

In this context, the Event “Mediterranean as a SMART destination. No more clichès” will be the occasion to present the GGOR at national level and to explore further development with relevant key actors at national level.

 The Event will be also the occasion to collect relevant inputs for the 2 upcoming Strategic Projects on Tourism, SMART MED (Empower Mediterranean for SMART Tourism) and BEST MED (Beyond European Sustainable tourism MED Path), co-financed by the INTERREG MED Programme.  The 2 Strategic Projects on Tourism focus on key-topics such as:

- Integrated multilevel planning for sustainable tourism

- Capacity building for the empowerment of relevant actors in the tourism sector

These key-topics are aimed to face the main gaps affected the area, high-level seasonality and lack of cooperation between the main tourism actors.

The Event will highlight some cliché on the topic of SMART destinations and will focus on approaches/solutions sucessfully implemented in the MED area. It will be the occasion to debate with experts (panelists) on key policy recommendations for future policies and strategies.

The Event will be organised back to back with MITOMED+ Closure event, project co-financed by INTERREG MED on sustainable tourism topics, which will be held the 3rd December – morning session in the same location. For more info on MITOMED+ see

With the aim to exploit the final Event conclusion, the 4th December, in the same location, will be arranged the meeting with Italian Regions involved in MED Strategic Project on Tourism and/or interested in taking part in the WP5 next steps.