PANORAMED Strategic Project BESTMED held its first ever technical workshop, which took place fully online on December 9 and 10, focusing on one of the main transnational challenges for sustainable tourism development: Data Management

The workshop had the purpose to present the overall goals of the BESTMED project and, in particular, to showcase the results of its study activities coordinated by the Regional Tourism Agency of Lazio Region. It also was an opportunity to analyse and compare goals and management models of existing Tourism Observatories in the Mediterranean area at national, regional and local level.

Manuela Bigi, responsible for Integrated Project Coordination on Tourism and Trade at Tuscany Region and co-leader of PANORAMED Work Package 5 (Coastal and Maritime Tourism) participated in one of the panels and explained how PANORAMED partners are advancing cross-border tourism cooperation & knowledge.

The issue of data sharing and management in Mediterranean coastal and maritime tourism is also analyzed in PANORAMED's Key Policy Paper entitled "Better Governance for Smarter Tourism", published in September 2020 and which you can download here

The full recording of the workshop is available at the following link