In August 2020, a Key Policy Paper on Maritime Surveillance was formally adopted by all PANORAMED partners. This paper outlines specific recommendations to tackle increasing pressure on vessels traffic, mass tourism, climate change, illegal fisheries and pollution.

Maritime Surveillance is a key transnational issue in the Mediterranean area, encompassing safety, security and environmental dimensions. As such, it is one of PANORAMED's main thematic work packages (WP6), led by the Secretariat General for the Sea - France.

A better management of safety, security and marine activities, requires a maritime surveillance system implemented both at national and transnational level, tackling its different dimensions while also contributing to the European Green Deal objectives and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This paper puts forward the following key recommendations to achieve a safer and more secure environment for maritime activities in the Mediterranean:

  • Increase the complementarity between actors and systems
  • Increase connections with environmental issues
  • Promote innovation with the support of private stakeholders


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