In order to enhance internal communications and to ensure the efficient implementation of the MED Programme, a Permanent Contact Group (PCG) has been created.

PANORAMED, along with the programme’s Horizontal and Strategic Projects takes an active part in this group by ensuring information sharing, conceptual harmonization, etc.

The MED Programme’s Permanent Contact Group (PCG) is composed of three pillars:

  • Interreg MED Capitalisation Coordination team
  • 8 Project Officers for Horizontal Projects
  • Members of the Horizontal projects, Strategic projects and PANORAMED

The PCG’s operation principle is to share any relevant updates before or as soon as they are launched, so they can be addressed and disseminated within designated participants of the group.

The main idea is to centralize and make essential information accessible to the whole programme, creating the opportunity to better understand contents and on-going processes.

To do so, the PCG provides a series of tools and solutions, including a document sharing platform, an up-to-date contact list, a time plan, follow-up activities and organization of regular e-meetings. Up until now, two joint meetings have been held, fully on-line.

A common understanding of concepts and use of terminology within the programme’s framework is also addressed and ensured through the development of a common Glossary.