The 7th meeting of the project's decision-making body took place on September 23rd, entirely on-line. The conference was held under Cyprus' presidency and gathered representatives from 12 country members of PANORAMED Project.

PANORAMED 7th Steering Group meeting took place on September 23rd. The 1-day-long conference was held fuly on-line and chaired by Cyprus.

During the morning session, Cyprus representatives and PANORAMED Lead Partner (LP), the Spanish Ministry of Finance, provided an overview of the project's state of play and next steps foreseen. 

The recent approval and upcoming publication of two Key Policy Papers (KPP) on Maritime Surveillance and Coastal and Maritime Tourism was pointed out as one of the main highlights of this reporting period. These documents put forward a number of recommendations to improve governance in different policy sectors in the Mediterranean. The project's work packages involved in the elaboration of KPPs showcased main developments in this subject.

During the afternoon, discussions shifted towards the MED Annual Event in Paris, to be held in November 6th. This year's edition will be devoted to the Interreg MED Programme's Axis 4 - Governance. To better inform and substantiate the discussions, a collective refletion paper is currently under preparation by all PANORAMED project partners.