Introductory Meeting on 6th of July 2021

You may find here below the link with the recording of the complete proceedings of the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide to the experts proposed by the partners to participate in the Panoramed Dialogues, a clear framework of the event and the contribution expected from them.

The Agenda includes short presentations of PANORAMED project, PANORAMED DIALOGUES and of the Interreg EURO – Med 2021 2027.

This is intended for all experts who had not the opportunity to attend the meeting and all stakeholders interested in this area and for general information of this major event.  


PANORAMED DIALOGUES event will take place via web platform on Tuesday, the 23rd of November 2021.

PANORAMED DIALOGUES is an initiative of Interreg MED Panoramed project, aiming to bring together highly qualified specialists, from countries around the Mediterranean for an open discussion to address governance issues affecting the MED area, in view both of the current context and the perspectives of the new European programming period 2021 – 2027.  

PANORAMED DIALOGUES will discuss governance around the themes of Innovation, Maritime Surveillance and Environment, Tourism and as an horizontal issue.