In 2018, the Interreg MED PANORAMED governance project launched a series of experiments, together with six institutional partners from Mediterranean countries, aiming at the integration of results of thematic Interreg MED projects in policies at regional, national or European level. Managed by the Region SUD Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, this experimentation is focusing on the implementation of transnational cooperation projects' outcomes in public policies, activity which is known as "mainstreaming".

In November 2019, the first phase of the experiment began by setting up an action plan, the connection between projects' beneficiaries and public authorities, and by starting out the operational phase of the results transfer. A synthesis of a mainstreaming evaluation report has been published, highlighting key findings and the first recommendations for other projects' beneficiaries who want to develop "mainstreaming" activities.

Get the Executive Synthesis here

After a first Mainstreaming Experimentation Report produced in December 2019, some updates were inserted in the March 2020 version. This third version includes progress, feedbacks and lessons learnt from the six experimentations until October 2020 with also first inputs coming from the implementation of MED Horizontal and Strategic projects. Operational recommendations can be considered for the implementation of these projects and for the preparation and implementation of post-2020 programmes.

Get the Mainstreaming Experimentation Final Report here 

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