Challenges and Goals

Facing the need of a shared governance framework as main challenge, PANORAMED will contribute to break down the following barriers:

  •  Difficulties to identify shared policy approaches and operational plans in key sectors;
  • Lack of eco-systemic dialogue and integrated policy decisions at different levels due to the large amount of stakeholders and several dimensions of governance;
  • Difficulties to create synergies and mainstream project results into policy level due to an important concentration of various EU and internationally funded programmes/projects, financial channels, sector and institutional networks, organizations and platforms without a common framework.

Aiming to strengthen and develop multilateral coordination frameworks in the Mediterranean for joint responses to common challenges, PANORAMED faces the challenging ‘governance exercise’ tackling public authorities in charge of EU structural funds management at national and regional level.

Therefore, the initiative aims at achieving the following specific goals:

  •  Enhancement of the institutional capacity of public authorities to ensure the maximum impact of MED project results through efficient implementation of EU/national public funds and mainstreaming actions;
  • Reinforcement of the institutional capacity of public authorities in transnational and national policy definition and strategic planning;
  • Contribution to coordinated synergies and dynamics among initiatives and strategies active in the Mediterranean;
  • Contribution to the improvement of a reinforced cooperation with the South shore of the Mediterranean.