What we do

PANORAMED will provide a structured and integrated framework linking systematically projects’ results to policy and actors. The project integrates bottom-up and top-down mechanisms that will ensure, in the long term, the sustainability of projects and their  results, promoting  dialogue and a consensus building process around the main Mediterranean issues.

PANORAMED operational activities are structured in 2 set thematic themes: COASTAL &  MARITIME TOURISM and MARITIME SURVEILLANCE complemented by 3 cross cutting tasks: Liaising, Migration & Maintreaming.

Working path includes:

•    Set up of common methodology for Thematic Working Groups (TWG) to use, benchmark and liaise data produced by MED projects from 2007-2013 and 2014-2020

•    Initial bottom-up to collect the results produced by the MED projects and by other Mediterranean programmes/initiatives on the identified thematic sectors